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2020 NESMEA Meeting – The 96th meeting of the Northeastern States Materials Engineers Association (NESMEA) will take place in Albany, New York at The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center. The meeting will start with the State engineers’ closed door session on October 26, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. The Open sessions will start on October 27 and will end at noon on October 28, 2020. Following the NESMEA meeting, the NEAUPG meeting will begin.

2019 Conference Presentations – Portland, ME


19_NESMEA_XRF-Chlorides_DNP – D. Nener-Plante

Evaluation of ASR tests: Is There a Better, Quicker, and More Reliable Method – R. Mulcahy

Re-Visiting Traffic Speed Deflectometry in Connecticut – A. Bernier – A. Bernier

Bridge-Service-Life-presentation-New-England-Materials-Engineers-v4 – R. Blunt & M. Miltenberger

NESMEA-Scaling-2019 – J. Reger (No Presentation)

NESMEA_Reducing_Curb_Cracking_Dave_et_al_Oct2019– E. Dave

Surface Scaling of Concrete Sidewalks – How Can We Break the Cycle? – M. Sherman

NESMEA-2019-mpraul– M. Praul

Panel Discussion – Implementing Performance Engineered Concrete Mixtures in the NortheastKlutz-PMA-Handling-Guide – B. Klutz

NESMEA-2019-Rodezno– C. Rodezno

Asphalt Quality Assurance – Challenges and Opportunities

Panel Discussion – Asphalt Quality Assurance – Challenges and Opportunities